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Panchakarma Therapies

As the name suggests, the Sanskrit term Panchkarma translates five therapeutic procedures. ‘Panch’ refers to the number five, and the Karma refers to the therapy. Anamiiva is a pioneer when it comes to Panchakarma therapies.


Panchakarma includes five treatment procedure:


  • Vamana (Therapeutic Emesis) – Initiation of vomiting to expel the accumulated toxins in the gastrium by oral administration of emetics. It helps in treating ailments like asthma, coughs, chronic colds, psoriasis, acne, arthritis, diabetes & other Kapha disorders.
  • Virechana (Therapeutic Purgation) – Expelling the morbid accumulation of toxins from the intestines by the way of inducing purgation by using special medicaments. Conditions such as bronchial asthma, dermatological disorders, hemiplegia and joint disorders can be effectively treated.
  • Basti (Enema therapy) – Expelling the morbid Dosha (toxin) from the colon by administering either the decoction or oil enema. It is good for treating splenic, renal & colic disorders. It also helps in treating chronic constipation, low backache, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity, sciatica and various neurological disorders like hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, dystrophy and atrophy of muscles.
  • Nasya (Nasal Errhine) – It includes cleansing the head from any morbid Dosha (toxin) by way of administering the medicine through the nasal route. It is excellent for treating chronic sinusitis, headaches, throat diseases, chronic colds, chest congestion, epilepsy, catarrh, migraine, voice constraint, eye diseases, cervical spondylitis and frozen shoulders.
  • Raktamokshana (Blood Letting) – Allowing the blood to bleed by different techniques. This method removes impurities from the vascular system. It shows significant results in patients with psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne, leucoderma and chronic itching.



Palliative & Rejuvenating Therapies


At Anamiiva, we offer a set of rejuvenating and relaxing therapies that are specially designed to treat chronic health issues and nourish the body thereby promoting wellness.

  • Abhyanga (Medicated Oil Massage) – Ayurvedic whole body massage, done by well-trained therapists in sync, with suitable medicated oil which is beneficial to stay young and healthy. Those suffering from various ailments, especially Vata disorders are benefited.

Abhyanga can be resorted to daily, as it reduces fatigue, bestows good vision, adds life to years, nourishes the body, and ensures good sleep and a healthy skin.


  • Shiro Abhyanga (Medicated Scalp/Head Massage) – It helps prevent headache, hair loss, baldness and premature greying of hair. Besides leaving the hair lustrous and strong, it improves the sheen of facial skin and ensures a sense of well-being, balance, and good sleep.
  • Shirodhara – It is a procedure, which involves the pouring of a controlled stream of different warm medicated oils/butter, milk/herbal decoctions incessantly, in a soothing way over the forehead. A great stress buster, it relaxes and revitalizes all the sensory organs and the central nervous system. It stabilizes and calms the mind and sharpens memory. Being an excellent rejuvenator, it ensures good sleep. It is a time-tested remedy for psychosomatic disorders.
  • Udvartana (Herbal Powder Massage) – It is a stimulating massage using special herbal powders, to reduce cellulite accumulations, improve circulation and enhance skin texture and appearance. It is extremely beneficial in treating obesity.
  • Kati Basti – It is a procedure in which warm medicated oils are retained on the lower back, followed by sweda (fomentation/sudation). A series of these treatments is amazingly beneficial in treating low backaches, spondylosis, and sciatica.
  • Janu Basti – A process in which the warm oil is retained locally upon the knees for a stipulated period to relieve the symptoms like pain & stiffness caused due to degeneration of the knee joint. It is very effective in treating rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis. The procedure is similar to Kati and Greeva Basti.
  • Greeva Basti – A procedure done by retaining warm medicated oils on the cervical region, followed by sweda, is very effective in treating cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulders.
  • Patra Pinda Sweda – It is used to induce sweating after Abhyanga. Several herbal ingredients are roasted together, tied in boluses, dipped in warm medicated oil and massaged all over the body. The special herbs used, draw the toxins from the body by activating the sweat glands (sweda). This is an excellent treatment for neurological disorders, arthritis and skin disorders.
  • Choorna Pottali Sweda – A full body oil massage is complemented by a massage with chosen herbal powders tied in boluses. It is useful in kapha disorders, obesity, skin ailments, joint disorders and to prevent unpleasant body odors.
  • Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda – It is a unique therapy of fomentation which is preceded by Abhyanga, using a preparation of a special type of rice known as ShashtikaShali, which is boiled with milk & other essential herbs, and is tied to form boluses (Pottalis). It instills blissful comfort and relaxation. It improves the skin texture, reduces dryness of the skin and rejuvenates the nerve endings because of a rich source of vitamin B. It is indicated in diseases like paralysis, myalgia, neurological and neuro-muscular disorders. A great rejuvenator, it is also known to treat delayed growth in children.
  • Valuka Sveda – It is a form of sudation where perspiration is done by a poultice (Pottali) made up of sand. It is indicated in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Netratarpana / Akshitarpana – It is a process of keeping the medicated ghee/herbal decoction in the eye with the help of a dough dam. Netratarpana helps remove fatigue in the eyes. It ensures good vision and is helpful in treating burning sensation, roughness and stiffness of the eye, sub-conjunctival haemorrhage, and inflammatory lesions of the eye, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome and loss of eye lashes. It is extremely beneficial for students & computer professionals.


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