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beauty therapy south delhi

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda has a holistic approach towards beauty and health care. It advocates daily & seasonal regime for maintaining health & beauty. Ayurveda says that beauty is not just skin deep but stomach deep. Every individual has a unique Prakruti (body type) & the skin type is also based on the Doshas that makes our Prakruti.

The beauty wing of Anamiiva offers customized Mukhalepa (facials), manicure, pedicure, Shirolepa (hair care) for routine beauty care & also bridal packages depending on the Prakruti of the individual. A total herbal approach to pedicure & manicure can bestow one with beautiful hands & feet.

Mukhalepa (facial) – It is a unique herbal facial technique designed keeping in view the awareness about beautiful skin.

Benefits – It is very effective in treating acne, hyperpigmentation & sunburns. It has anti-aging effect and improves the skin tone.


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